“The art of filmmaking is the most influential form of art that has ever existed
throughout the history of human artistic endeavors.”




April 24, 2019 was the official launch of 

The Best of Screenings and Meanings: A Journey Through Film 

At McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon, SK




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from McNally Robinson!


The Best of Screenings & Meanings: 

A Journey through Film

The conclusion of my weekly Screenings & Meanings columns has prompted me to put together an anthology drawn from 35 years of film comment along with some new material specifically for this volume. 

The book is now available at McNally Robinson. It comes to 525 pages, and costs $29.95. There is also  an appendix available online (see below). 




Have a look at the Table of Contents and Introduction for my book The Best of Screenings & Meanings: A Journey through Film available here as an online download.

See my top picks for films of the year in all categories covering the two decades 1997-2017 in  the Appendix to the book, also  available here as an online download.

The book is now available for sale at McNally Robinson Bookstore and online store.  The cost is $29.99.





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About the Author  GERALD J. SCHMITZ

With a passion for cinema from an early age, Gerald began publishing film commentary in 1982 and was the longtime film critic for the Saskatchewan-based weekly journal The Prairie Messenger where his “Screenings & Meanings” columns appeared in print and online until it ceased publication in 2018. A longtime volunteer with the One World Film Festival, Ottawa’s longest-running documentary film festival, he became president of its parent organization One World Arts in 2017. He is also a longtime ambassador member of the Canadian Film Institute. He does film reports for the CKCU radio program titled “A luta continua” ("The struggle continues") and maintains a Screenings and Meanings film blog.

Gerald holds a doctorate in political science from Carleton University with a deep background in international issues. He was a policy analyst with the Parliamentary Information and Research Service from 1981-2011, including as principal analyst for international affairs and as research director for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade/Development from 1994 to 2008. The author of numerous publications, in 2013 he was named an “alumni of influence” by the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Arts and Sciences.

  Contact: screeningsandmeanings@gmail.com